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My Westie was my best friend and I loved to groom him.

Every time I groomed my Westie I kept the fur.  He had the thickest coat and  it was a beautiful silver white.  I had always planned on keeping the  fur and doing something with it but life got complicated and my boy  died.

I was devastated when he died but I had his fur and I would hold it and his toys.  It helped a tiny bit and then I found needle felting dogs.  

needle felting dogs West Highland White Terriers and Cairns

Although you cannot needle felt Westie hair (pure wool is the best), you can put it into the body of the Westie sculpture and keep it as a treasured  keepsake.  Also you have DNA from your Westie.

Each Westie wool needle felted sculpture is unique.  All are done by hand  using needles with little barbs on them and clean, washed wool, in many  colors.  

I use wool from New Zealand with its long fibers and silky touch for finishing work and fine detail work.

My Needle Felted Westies are created from pictures you provide or I can  take some photos for you in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

I like to see the body of the Westie from many angles so that I can  create a beautiful Westie wool sculpture that will truly do justice to  your West Highland white Terrier.

It takes about 16 hours to make one medium size wool sculpture.

About me.

Lorri Collins has been a Westie and Cairn Terrier owner for over 35 years.  

I love the Terrier attitude and the fact that they don’t shed. They are  perfect for any home, whether it be a condo or a home with a yard.


Small Needle Felting dog    25.00

Medium Needle Felting dog 39.00

Large Needle Felting dog    60.00

We all know that Wesies are different looking among the breed.  Non Westie fanciers can’t tell the difference but there are tall Westies as well as short legged Westies.  There are Westies with big eyes and Westies with smaller eyes.  Some even have brown noses!

Here are some of my Westie personalities.



Spooky loved to lay just like this. 


Sometimes he would have one knee up in the back but loved to lay on the floor just like this.  This needle felted West Highland White Terrier is the large size

Here is a needle felted Westie Girl Elle.  Her size is medium.



And here is a mixed breed little dog made from white and brown wool.  This size is small felted dog.


All of the figures of dogs you see on this page are hand felted from the finest wool batting and silky New Zealand Corriedale wool.  You will love your little dog sculpture!  Order now


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Artist Lorri Collins has been painting animals since 1975