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Race Horse portraits from your  photos.  Here are examples of my Equine and Thoroughbred racing Art.

Northern Dancer, one of the  most famous Thoroughbred race horses in American History.

Northern Dancer should have won the Triple Crown because he was that  good.  As a sire he has produced more winners than any other stallion.
Northern Dancer won the Kentucky Derby horse race in 1964  in 2 minutes flat.
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Beautiful Dressage Horse



The horse working out in full tack was taken at Golden Gate Race Course  early in the morning near San  Francisco. As is the nature of the San Francisco Bay area, at 6 am it was still foggy so I enhanced that part of the picture.

Big Ben is loved by his owner


The second horse portrait is of a hunter jumper named Pistol.  Pistol and his owner Patti have won many contests and here she is just  galloping her horse for a little exercise. 

Horse working out on the race track in full tack 


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