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Old English Sheepdog Portraits - A working dog.

Old English Sheepdogs were being exhibited and registered in England and the United States before the breed was definitely and distinctly identified as the Old English Sheepdog. These wonderfully good tempered dogs will try to herd anything.  If you're at a party with sheepdogs in the room, they will try to herd you into a corner!Old Enlish sheepdog named Danny 

The breed was first shown at a dog show at Islington, England in 1863. .

In Europe this breed is not allowed docked tails as we do in America.




The Old English Sheepdog is rather close to my heart.  I have known many as I have friends in Seattle with excellent pedigrees. All of the OES found on this page live in Seattle, Washington.



Old English Sheepdogs are working dogs and this mean they herd animals, mostly sheep.  Every years there is the “herding trials” up in Seattle .  The mature dogs get to herd 4 or 5 sheep.  The puppies (over 7 months of age) are allowed to herd geese.  It’s hilarious to watch the puppies herding skills..

At the upper left is a portrait of Trevor an Old English Sheep dog belonging to Tom Snyder of Beverly Hills. 

The portrait to the left is Danny, who has crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Everyone who knew Danny loved him.  He was a good boy.8.

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