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Pet Portraits and Photography of your dog as a gift or remembrance and it makes a great center piece.

Pet Photography by ElleDesigns

Pet Photography, why it’s so important.



I have often visited a Vet for my two pups and while I sit there I see many anxious owners with very sick pets.  Sometimes these pets do not live much longer.  They always say they wished they could have taken pictures of their pets when they were puppies or in happier times. 

I encourage you to take photos of your pet and take them often.  Even if you don’t buy from me, you should take a photo and have it made into a work of art for you to keep. 

Here is a picture of my dog.  He was sitting on the couch when I snapped his picture.  He is the dearest friend I have and he has me well trained.

When my dog was a puppy he looked so cute.  Just a bundle of fluff.  I’m glad we took lots of pictures because a dog can change from week to week.  So take your camera and make sure you take some pictures once every week after you bring him home.  These pictures will be and remain priceless.

I also do pet photography.  I charge $50.00 plus gas money for the photo shoot and you will get an 8 x 10 print on watercolor paper and a CD of all the pictures I take.

So if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area please give me a call and we can set up a time for a photo session of your dog or puppy..

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