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From Photo to portraits of your pet are highly prized works of art

How to take a good photograph of your pet

From Photo to Portrait

Here are three examples of your photo to dog portraits on canvas.  Oil on canvas dog portraits.

German Shepherd photo

German Shepherds Portrait art

The final portrait of Tony the Schnauzer and two German Shepherds are shown here. Many backgrounds are available. Both of these paintings were special backgrounds that complemented the colors of the home.

Tony's photo

Tony the Schnauzer portriait

Here is a photo I took of Minnie.  It was a surprise commissioned for a birthday. 

This is the type of photo to strive for.  I took 30 photos with my digital camera to get this pose.  

Dogs and cats are difficult to photograph because they are like kids, they won’t sit still!

Minnie's photo for her portrait

Tibetian Terriers


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