How to find the original raw camera image on your computer.


I can’t find my photos on my computer!!!
Here are the instructions for finding your original photo images on your computer:
The original images might still be on your computer.  When you transfer photos from the camera to the computer it first copies them in their original format.  Something like this naming convention: DCP01495.jpg  (My camera is a Nikon) -  This is how they are named before they go through a software program that makes them smaller so that you can send them in e-mails. 

If you have a Windows PC you will want to do a search by going to:
     What do you want to search for
       choose "pictures"
          enter this    *0*.jpg
             hit enter to begin search.

When the search is done, change the view to thumbnails and if you find the original photos, drag them to your desktop and e-mail them to me.   I would love a larger version of your photos because it will have so much more detail for me to work from but if not, remember I can only paint what I see.  If the picture is tiny or blurry, the final portraits will not look as well.

How do I take a good photo of my Pet?
When  choosing your photograph try and find a large photo to work from. I can paint a  good pet portrait from a small photo but the larger the original photo the  more detail I can see and thus paint a more realistic portrait.

Choosing the photo for your portrait can be daunting.  Taking one is much easier if you know the rules for good portraiture. 
The best scenario is a studio portrait or a photo taken by you in good lighting conditions. For a head shot, plan to stand about 3 feet away from your animal.  Be sure to take the picture at eye level.

If you are trying to take photos and they will not sit still, have someone hold them in position.  If these pictures are taken for the portrait, then hands and arms in the frame do not matter and are easily removed as long as they do not cover too much of the animal. 

The quality of the finished portrait will depend on your photographs.  If the photos are blurred or the subject is a tiny figure in the background, I'll have less to work with and the final portrait will be part guesswork, which means it won't be as good a representation as it could be.
Once you've chosen the photograph you want, tell me what you want me to  draw from it. Do you want one pet in the pet portrait, or several? Do you  want just their face, or would you like their entire body as well? Without this  information I cannot guarantee I will paint exactly what you want.
I’ve been painting and framing portraits since I was in High School.  I learned how to make a frame from molding bought in a lumber store to cutting the mat and putting it all together.
Fortunately you don’t have to cut your own frame and glue and nail it together for your pet portrait.
This is what I suggest:
Look in your local paper for sale on frames and art supplies.  Here in California I go to Aaron Brothers or Michael’s.  They have specials and discounts all the time. 
Most frames you buy at these stores include the glass with the frame.  Now all you need is a mat.  Taking into consideration the colors in the room you will hang your pet portrait, choose a color from the background that you like.  Choose a mat from the ready made department or have one cut for you. 
Place the pet portrait under the mat and secure it with tape so it won’t move around.  Place the mat into the picture frame and secure the back into the frame.  Sometimes you will have to nail the backing to the wood of the frame but most times you will only need to slide the holders into place. 
If the backing does not come with hanging pieces then nail a hanger to the top of the frame on the back.  You can also purchase screw eyes and picture frame wire and use these.  Anyone at the store will be able to answer your questions regarding the use of these items.
By all means have fun with this.  It costs around $150.00 to professionally frame a 16 x 20 painting.  You can do it yourself for about $50.00 or less depending on sales and specials.
Have fun framing!
Your Photos

All  photographs will be returned to you along with your completed work-of-art. My pet portraits take from 2 to 3 weeks to complete depending on the complexity and whether you want a custom background. Any custom backgrounds or extras take more time.  E-mail me for a quote.
The Process
Many people have asked about the process I use to create a water color portrait.  Although I use a computer to finish the portrait, software does not create the painting.  All my strokes are hand painted and then printed out on water color paper. 
My art prints start out with an image and finished by hand painting each hair, eyes, nose and tongue with great care and attention to detail.
The photo you provide will be used for reference and the artwork painted by hand, stroke by stroke.
The process allows me to create the painting within a matter of a few weeks.  The end result is a work of art with all the vibrant colors you see on this site. 
What people are saying about my enhanced art
Pet Portraits are not the only type of portrait I do.  I also paint celebrities or that someone special in your family.


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