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From photo to painting, here are the various stages of Coppy’s pet portrait.

It all starts out with your photo.  The clearer and sharper the photo, the better the portrait will turn out.

I can only paint what I can see in the photograph and encourage you to choose the largest image you have.  The best images are from digital cameras with fine resolution settings.

Pet Portraits from photos - Painted on oil on canvas



Coperfields's pet portrait state one the rough draught

Original Photo


First rough draft of Copy painting on the beach

sketch dog and start of beach.  Just a few areas of brown.  Block in shadow of dog.



Adding more sand colors and block in where the ocean will go.



Adding more blue values for the ocean to give it lots of depth.



Adding detail to Coppy’s coat and tail.  Smoothing out the sand colors to blend.



Sea Foam Added and light sand areas are added to the painting.



Detail painting of the face and body.  Put more lights into the sand and finally add the paw prints and rocks to the shore.


Oil on Canvas Pet Portraits

It is then printed on heavy fine art paper and shipped right to your door.

If I can’t see the color in the images or photo you send to me, please let me know the color of their eyes.  A dog’s eye color could be any variety of brown, gray, amber or even blue and really play an important focal point in all my pet portraits. 

Here is a pet portrait where the portrait started off with a sand that looked very gray and didn’t give the portrait much color.  The white of her fur and the blue of the the ocean with sea foam makes this portrait stand out.

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